Pastor Burn-Out

Im angelsächsischen Sprachgebrauch hat sich der Begriff „Pastor Burn-Out“ etabliert. Manchmal werden sie auch als „Dropout pastors“, „Runaway shepherds“, Those who „put their hand to the plow and look back“ bezeichnet. Eine nicht genaue Zählung aus dem Jahr 1998 gibt an, dass „1,500 pastors leave the ministry each month due to moral failures, spiritual burnout or contention in their churches“ (siehe Quelle).

Adam Otremba nennt einige Zahlen und Anmerkungen aus seinem persönlichen Umfeld.

2.1 Graduates of my study at the Theological Seminary

10 graduates

  • 2 of us 34 years in ministry till now (including myself)
  • 5 pastors 10 – 15 years in ministry
  • 2 pastors 3 – 5 years in ministry
  • 1 active not formal way 4 – 6 years

2.2  — Graduates of my study at the Theological Academy

10 graduates

  • 4 of us in ministry 27 years till now (including myself)
  • 2 in ministry 10 -12 years (including one women)
  • 1 in ministry  8 years
  • women not in ministry
  • 1 pastors wife 23 years in ministry with her husband

Was auf Anhieb auffällt, ist, dass die Wenigsten über mehrere Jahrzehnte hindurch „durchhalten“. Warum eigentlich? Otremba sieht die Ursachen hierfür im der Persönlichkeit des „Pastors“, der fehlenden oder verlorenen geistlichen Beziehung zu Christus oder in den Umständen einer bestimmten Situation.

Wie also kann Mann den Dienst „durchstehen“? Paul Slater (, a chaplain in San Diego, gibt folgende Ratschläge:

  • Seek regular counseling from an expert outside of the local congregation.
  • Take days off: days to do „work“ unrelated to church, days to spend time with family, days to just relax.
  • Take a sabbatical: Get away for a long period of time. Pray. Write. Read. Have fun.
  • Join an accountability group where honest confession and painful questions keep you moving in the right direction.
  • Participate in spiritual gifts tests and personality profiles. If you are playing a position on a „church team“ that you aren’t made to play, change positions.
  • Keep a journal. Write your own version of the Psalms. Confessions will be good for your soul, for your family and also for your congregation.
  • Have an outsider critique sermons and decisions. Make sure inner struggles are not guiding the words spoken or written.
  • See a physician. Exercise, eat right and laugh. Get enough sleep. Take naps.
  • Truly believe the doctrine you proclaim. Grace. Hope. Joy. Peace. Forgiveness. Acceptance. Receive them in your inner world.
  • Always remember this: God is the One to please and honor. Seek His applause.

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